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    Gig Harbor Mystery and Thriller Book Club
    6-19-17 7:00 am
    Gig Harbor Book Club Meetup

    We meet on the second Monday of each month at the Gig Harbor Library, 4424 Point Fosdick Dr., NW Gig Harbor, Washington

    Rescheduled. ... Ride around the Hood "Hood Canal" Ice cream and Awesome scenery
    6-19-17 7:00 am

    Weather pending ! ! ! ! We are going to take the group around the hood canal. We will start in Purdy, Washington at the Float in Purdy, then we will head out towards the hood canal. This is about a 3 hour ride and we will be gone about 4 1/2...

    Annual Ride to Work Day
    6-19-17 7:00 am

    Let's Go Green! Riding reduces our carbon footprint. Let's raise public awareness of motorcycles as sensible transportation. Bikes are smaller then cars and take up less space on the highways, in parking lots and get way better mileage and...

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